Gift Designations

All gifts made by President’s Club members shall belong in total to Hillsdale College and shall be disbursed at the discretion of the president of the College. Members may specify the use of their gifts in three ways:

  1. Unrestricted

    Such gifts shall be used to support The Independence Fund, which is allocated for College requirements and educational programs exhibiting the greatest need as the president may determine. Such gifts are vitally important to the successful operation and independence of the College.

  2. Designated

    Such gifts may be given in support of specific academic, outreach or capital projects or programs deemed acceptable by the Board of Trustees. Gifts may be designated for scholarships, academic programs or departments, outreach programs, capital improvements or to the general endowment.

  3. Named Endowments

    Members may designate their contributions to a specific endowment fund named by that donor. The annual income from such an endowment will be used to support the general operations of the College, or as directed by the member. He or she may designate the use of all or any portion of the endowment’s distributions for any program or project deemed acceptable by the Board of Trustees. Upon a member’s death, unless prior provision is made, his or her named endowment shall become a permanent memorial to that President’s Club member and an unrestricted endowment to the College.

More information about Gift Designations