Parents Fundraiser

Parents Fund 2015-2016


  • Hillsdale College Chapel
  • General Operating Budget


  • Parent-to-Parent Phonathon
  • Cruise Raffle


The Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC) has chosen two areas of concentration for this year’s Parents Fund.

The first is the General Operating Budget. These are typically the hardest funds to raise. However, behind every class, every seminar series, every athletic event, and every service provided by Hillsdale College are resources that contribute toward the excellence of Hillsdale’s education and outreach programs. From library books to science laboratory supplies to building utilities to the faculty and staff, these resources comprise the College’s annual operating budget. Throughout the Rebirth of Liberty and Learning Campaign, the PASC will be raising funds for the annual operating budget. The PASC’s goal for the 2015-2016 operating budget is $450,000. Gifts and pledges made by parents and grandparents of current and past students are crucial to the College’s success in funding the annual operating budget, since it provides the groundwork of everything Hillsdale does—without these people and resources, the College cannot stand.

The second area of concentration is the new chapel that will be prominently located on the main campus. Designed in the classical tradition of sacred architecture, the 27,000-square-foot chapel will serve as a place of worship, musical presentations, and academic ceremonies, such as the all-campus convocations held each semester. Seating capacity is 1,400, plus seating for a 100-member choir. Features include a balcony organ and a chancel organ, expansive side aisles, three balconies, beautiful portico, and a private chapel adjacent to the chancel. To meet the highest standards in operating and maintaining the chapel, the College has included a special endowed maintenance fund as a vital goal of the Rebirth of Liberty and Learning Campaign. The PASC’s fundraisers over the next few years will aim to raise $2 million in cash and pledges designated toward the chapel’s construction or endowment, and qualifying for a $12.5 million challenge awarded to the College for the chapel’s construction and endowed maintenance fund.


The Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC) conducts two major fundraisers for this benefit:

The Parent-to-Parent Phonathon takes place twice a year, just prior to Fall and Spring Parents Weekends. Parents come to campus and call current parents, past parents and grandparents to solicit their contributions. To volunteer for the phonathon, please contact our office at (517) 607-2382 or by e-mail.

The Cruise Raffle will endeavor to sell no more than 300 tickets at $300 per ticket for a chance to win an all-expense paid cruise for two on the next Hillsdale College Cruise. Airfare for two will be included as well. The details for the next cruise will be determined soon. The drawing will take place on February 27, 2016, at the Spring Parents Luncheon. For more information on the cruise, you may visit the official website.

To make a monetary donation online, click here and be sure to type in “Parents Association Fundraiser” in the gift designation line. To send your donation through the mail, download and print this form. If you have questions or comments about this project, or the Parents Association in general, please contact the Parent Relations Department at (517) 607-2382 or by e-mail. Thank you for your consideration.