Business & Industry

There are many ways in which the business community interacts with Hillsdale College. The following links provide information pertaining to these relationships:

  • Academic Majors in Economics and Business Administration (EBA)
    Information about courses of study and departmental faculty

  • Career Counseling and Job Placement
    Placement statistics and contact information regarding the hiring of Hillsdale graduates.

  • Internships
    Structured workplace experiences for EBA students.

  • Executive Speaker Series
    Words of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs and business managers.

  • Free Audio Recordings
    Five times each year, we send interested friends a free audio recording of one of the dozens of outstanding speeches given at Hillsdale-sponsored events. Please contact us if you’d like to be added to our mailing list. Recordings are provided in a CD format unless an audiocassette is specifically requested.

  • Publications
    The Hillsdale College Press publishes the monthly speech digest, Imprimis, and Champions of Freedom, a collection of essays on free enterprise, as well as other titles of interest to the businessperson. Occasionally, we also promote books and articles published by others that we believe are worthy of your attention.
  • The Dow Leadership Center
    Course descriptions and schedules for one of the nation’s oldest and most respected management training programs.

  • Supporting Hillsdale College
    Financial support and material gifts.

  • The Corporate Matching Gifts Program
    Hundreds of companies match the charitable donations of their employees. You may be able to double or even triple your personal financial contributions to Hillsdale College.

  • Friends in Free Enterprise
    A brief profile of a corporate partner that supports Hillsdale’s mission.

For more information, contact:

Mr. Grigor D. Hasted
Director, Corporate Institutional Advancement
(517) 607-2620

Michelle Rushing
(517) 607-2304