Greek Life

Why Go Greek?

Greek organizations are a vibrant part of Hillsdale College life. Four fraternities and three sororities have a presence on Hillsdale’s campus. In fact, over 30 percent of our students are members of Greek organizations. As a group, they’re among our highest achievers. Our fraternities and sororities stress the importance of academics, character, leadership, and service to the community and the mission of the College.

Through their affiliation with Greek organizations, our students have the opportunity to take on leadership positions and gain knowledge and confidence in leading their peers and developing healthy group environments. They volunteer in our community, plan educational programs, host faculty dinners, organize annual social events, and learn to balance their time and their commitments. By living with each other in the Greek houses, they discover how to work together toward common goals and how to undertake governing and fiscal responsibilities. Because of the hard work and sacrifices the members make together as they serve the College and their chapters’ high-minded purposes, they build community and form friendships that last well beyond the college years.  

The Panhellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council (or IFC) help to govern the sororities and fraternities. These two councils are composed of elected student leaders whose responsibilities include setting standards of excellence, creating guidelines, and developing academic, philanthropic and social programs.

Social Opportunities

The social component of Greek life is highly valued at Hillsdale College. Our fraternities and sororities promote social opportunities for the entire campus, as well as their chapter members. Each chapter’s social program consists of a variety of events including intramural activities, co-sponsoring all-school activities and dances, attending sporting events, participating in outdoor activities, and hosting date parties, dances and formals. Greeks are very active in traditional campus events including Homecoming, Parent Weekend and Greek Week.

Community Service

Each of our seven chapters has a national charity or philanthropy to which its organization regularly contributes time and funds.  Community service and philanthropic projects draw chapter members together for many causes and often involve the entire campus in their efforts.  Greeks work together on projects not only to enhance their own personal growth and to contribute to the community, but also to foster Greek unity.

Membership Education & Scholarships

Hillsdale College’s fraternities and sororities each have their own membership education program involving a series of educational programs on topics including wellness, time management, study skills and career development. Many of the Greek chapters have incentive programs that pair members with study partners, or they host study tables. Many chapters also award high achievement in scholarship.