Fine Arts

Art, Music, and Theatre

The liberal arts curriculum of Hillsdale College provides the ideal platform for achievement in visual and performing arts. Each major embraces canons of great works of the past that are studied, performed and emulated in stage and studio productions.

Unlike most university programs, it is not necessary to declare a major to enroll in an acting class or to sign up for music ensembles and lessons. Each department welcomes students from other majors who find their love of performing and creating. Faculty serve as role models and, in many cases, life
-long mentors for majors and non- majors alike. The departments have as many or more non- majors as majors in their programs. This mixture is rewarding for all and demonstrates how much the arts are embedded into the fabric of Hillsdale College.

The vision of students in music, theatre and art is enlarged by both required and elected courses in Hillsdale’s liberal arts curriculum. Our fine arts students are well versed in history, humanities and the sciences.