Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree

For native speakers of English, a 12-semester-hour competency (through third-semester 201) level in French, German, Spanish, Latin or Greek is required for the bachelor of arts degree and for certain pre-professional programs. This requirement may be satisfied only by successful completion of 201, or a higher level course, on the Hillsdale campus.

Students who arrive with a 12-semester-hour competency in any of the above languages, as determined exclusively by the Hillsdale College placement test in that language, must take at least one course at Hillsdale College above the 201 level in the language of said demonstrated competency in order to satisfy the requirement. This upper-level course must be for at least three credit hours.

No student may fulfill the B.A. degree language requirement by means of the placement exam alone. Optionally, a student may elect another of the languages offered at Hillsdale to satisfy the B.A. requirement by successfully completing the (third-semester) 201 course in said language on campus.

If a student has more than four hours of Advanced Placement credit in French, German or Spanish, or if a student has transferred or is expected to transfer more than four hours of French, German or Spanish credit from another institution, said student is NOT eligible to take the CLEP exam in the corresponding language for credit.