Summer College

Hillsdale College offers two consecutive three-week summer sessions. The first three-week session extends from the middle of May through the first week of June. The second three-week session begins immediately following the first session and continues through the month of June. Pre-registration for summer college takes place at the same time as the pre-registration period for the fall semester. Students will be expected to have paid their summer school tuition in full prior to the first day of summer classes.

Students may earn a maximum of four semester hours in each three-week session. Thus a student may earn half of a full semester’s credit toward the baccalaureate degree through attendance at the summer sessions. Summer College is designed as an all-purpose program but is particularly helpful to those who wish to accelerate progress toward graduation and those who need to make up specific courses.

Applications for Summer College are accepted any time during the preceding school year. Registration takes place on the published dates.