Repeating Courses

If your GPA is not satisfactory, you may wish to repeat an unsatisfactory grade to improve your accumulative average. The following are things to remember when repeating a course:

  1. You may only repeat courses in which you received below a “C”. Depending on the difference between the second and first grade and the total hours attempted, the accumulative GPA could increase significantly. The change in GPA will be more dramatic with fewer credit hours attempted.

  2. Courses can only be repeated for a better grade through Hillsdale.

  3. All “Fs” should be repeated as quickly as possible.

  4. “Ds” can, and often should, be repeated in an effort to salvage an ailing GPA.

  5. If you repeat a course, the first grade will still remain on your transcript, but an “R” is placed by it to indicate the course has been repeated. The new grade is calculated into your accumulative GPA and also into the semester GPA in which it was retaken.

The old grade is taken out of the accumulative GPA, but will remain in the semester GPA in which the course was originally taken.