Changing Academic Advisor

First-year students are often assigned to faculty advisors who will serve as the professor of one of their first-year classes. Faculty advisors are not necessarily and are often not a professor in the student’s field of interest. Faculty members serving as advisors are equipped to advise any student, regardless of an academic match. As a practical matter, once a student has declared a major, it may be desirable for the student to choose an advisor in his/her designated field of interest.

Any student may choose any faculty member to serve as his/her advisor, provided the chosen faculty member agrees. When a student wishes to leave one advisor and be assigned to a new one, he/she must ask the prospective new advisor if he/she is willing to serve in this capacity. If the new advisor agrees, the student must submit a filled-out “Change of Advisor” card to the registrar who will, in turn, notify the previous advisor of the change. The student need not inform the former advisor of the change. If a student needs assistance in finding a new advisor, the student should contact the Office of the Registrar located in the lower level of Central Hall.