In 1988, the Great Opportunities for Assistance and Leadership (GOAL) program was established on campus through a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.  The GOAL program provides 24-27 qualified students with the opportunity to coordinate volunteer opportunities between members of the student body and various nonprofit organizations in Hillsdale County.  In this way, GOAL provides these interested students with an educational base in working within the not-for-profit sector.  Through the leadership of GOAL scholarship students, members of the general student population are given the opportunity to bring alive the volunteer spirit that has been a part of Hillsdale College throughout its history.  Throughout the history of the GOAL program, Hillsdale College students have given on average over 19,000 documented hours of volunteer service annually to the local community.  GOAL also leads in the development of additional service activities for students not only during the school year but also during various breaks during the academic year.  GOAL promotes service above self, thereby providing unity and focus to existent campus-wide volunteer activities.

 Program Director: Wesley Steeb wsteeb@hillsdale.edu
 Program Coordinator:  Travis Cook tcook1@hillsdale.edu
 Advisor: Rebekah Dell rdell@hillsdale.edu

 Click on the links below to learn more about each GOAL program.
•A Few Good Men
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boy Scouts of America
Buddy Reading
Community Sports Outreach
Domestic Harmony
Hillsdale Buddy Program
Hillsdale Community Health Center
Hillsdale Reading Program
Humane Society
Junior Achievement
•King's Kupboard
Lockhaven School
Music in the Community
Private/Charter School Tutoring
Salvation Army
Students Against Cancer
Wyld Life
Young Life