Wyld Life

Wyld Life is a Christian ministry that focuses on building relationships with students who are in middle school.  It is a division of Young Life, a ministry founded in the late 1940’s that has become both a national and international ministry to reach all children everywhere for Jesus Christ.  Wyld Life is a ministry based upon reaching the children who would never go to church; therefore, it is crucial to go where the children come together in natural community.  To do this, volunteers visit students at lunch, attend sporting events, organize ski trips, provide after-school activities and go to places where the children spend time on a regular basis.  This is an exciting ministry for volunteers who have a heart for children and want to minister in the name of Jesus Christ with patience and love.

Student Coordinators: Gretchen Sandberg gsandberg@hillsdale.edu
                                        Isaiah Brown ibrown@hillsdale.edu