Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a worldwide organization dedicated to educating and inspiring young people to value free enterprise, business and economics to improve the quality of their lives.  Hillsdale College volunteers are placed in first and second grade classrooms of local Gier Elementary School, third and fourth grade classrooms of Bailey Elementary, and fifth and sixth grade classrooms of Davis Middle School.

Junior Achievement International has a developed curriculum that is used for teaching five 45-minute classes:
First Grade, "Our Families:" Small children like to do things themselves, but as they grow, they discover that our society -- our economy -- depends on people working together. Junior Achievement volunteers use a combination of pictures, stickers and flashcards to engage students in activities about needs and wants, jobs, tools, skills and independence.
Second Grade, "Our Community:" What lies beyond your front door? Let's explore it! Junior Achievement volunteers display a poster of a typical community and students meet individuals who live and work there. Through hands-on activities, the students learn about workers, the work they perform, why workers are paid, what taxes are and how they are used, and where to save money.
Third Grade, "Our City:" Junior Achievement volunteers help students build a city. Students construct paper buildings, map out a city, write newspaper articles, plan restaurants, and examine why banks are important.
Fourth Grade, "Our Region:" Junior Achievement classroom volunteers show how resources are combined to create goods and services that individuals, businesses and organizations provide to consumers.

Fifth Grade, "Our Nation:" Junior Achievement volunteers provide practical information about businesses' need for individuals who can meet the demands of the job market, including high-growth, high-demand jobs. Students learn that businesses need workers with skills in demand, such as STEM skills: science, technology, engineering, and math.
Sixth Grade - "Junior Achievement Global Marketplace" is designed to provide practical information about the key aspects of the global economy, what makes world trade work, and how trade affects our daily lives.


Student Coordinator: Mary Crail mcrail@hillsdale.edu