Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters provides an opportunity for Hillsdale College students to make an impact on the lives of children in the local community. Established in 1904, Big Brothers Big Sisters is the largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network in the nation. It has quickly become one of the most prosperous G.O.A.L. programs on the Hillsdale campus, with nearly 40 regular student volunteers in 2011.

Through the lunch buddies program, college students ("bigs") are paired with children ("littles") attending a local school. "Bigs" meet with their "littles" during lunch every week, developing a relationship and becoming an important figure in the child’s life. During lunch, the pairs play games, do homework, or simply spend time together talking.  As many of the children involved in the program do not have a strong adult in their lives, "bigs" often become the distinct male or female example.

Over the past three years, BBBS at Hillsdale College has been a key player in the organization's annual Bowl For Kid's Sake event that has raised over $10,000 for the Hillsdale community. This money goes directly toward the continuation of strong, consistent mentors for local kids who need them.

Transportation for volunteers without access to a vehicle can be arranged each week.

Student Coordinator: Andrew Haines