Men's Volleyball Club

The Hillsdale Men’s Volleyball Club provides the men of Hillsdale College with an opportunity for competitive intercollegiate volleyball and skill development. Students of all levels of skill and experience participate in the club to improve their game and have a great time. The club is divided into a competitive travel team and a practice team with a lighter commitment. This club seeks to cultivate the virtues outlined in the Hillsdale College Honor Code through the development of student-athletes in a competitive team-building environment.


Contact Information:

President: Eric Walker

Vice President: Luke Mugge

Director of Facilities: David Graber

Treasurer: Trenton Baer

Advisor and Coach: Michael Clark


Schedule, Spring 2013:

Practices: Sunday and Tuesday evenings


March 15 @ Adrian



Travel team:

Name                                   Position                   Number

David Graber                   S/L                              1

Joshua Benjamins           OH/L                         2

Tyler Herndon                  MB                             3

Garrett West                      DS                              5

Jordan Reimschisel          OH                            6

Matt Melchior                    MB                            7

Luke Mugge                       OH                             8

Eric Walker                      S/Opp                         14

Trent Baer                          OH                            15

Josiah Vega                         L                              16



Head Coach: Michael Clark

Assistant Coach: Ryan Servold

Assistant Coach: Erin Clark