The Hillsdale College chapter of Enactus works to build a better world by connecting and motivating students to use business as a powerful force for change, advancing free enterprise, cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit, forming an ethical foundation, and teaching the skills of a life that will enable its participants to be leaders in today's business world.

Recent projects and activities include:

  • Partnering with local businesses in the Hillsdale community, as well as the Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce
  • Participation in the Hillsdale College Executive Speakers Program
  • Promoting and supporting the work of the Lingap Center, working with children on an entrepreneurial competition, free enterprise essay contest and pen-pal system
  • Teaching stock market principles in local middle schools in a 6-8 lesson program including a "Wealth of Nations" game
  • Partnering with Hillsdale College to create a compost pile in the campus arboretum using cafeteria waste and then selling bagged product to support continued SIFE operations
  • Partnering with TOMS shoes, a company dedicated to sharing a pair of shoes with a child in need for each pair sold commercially, hosting a 1-mile barefoot awareness walk around campus and selling shoes to provide to children in need
  • Partnering with Local Textbook, a website that provides an alternative to students looking to buy and sell textbooks on campus
  • Partnering with Be A Number, a project started by Hillsdale College graduate Kevin Hershock that connects consumers/supporters with underprivileged children using t-shirts


Student Contact: Dan Thelen dthelen@hillsdale.edu
Advisor: Bob Blackstock bblackstock@hillsdale.edu