Hillsdale Hostel


Attend Hillsdale Hostel, a learning vacation unlike any other. Spend a week with some of Hillsdale College’s most distinguished professors exploring the great ideas and principles that built and sustain our country.

Enjoy the beautiful Hillsdale campus, nestled in the rolling farm country of southern Michigan. Take time to discuss the ideas that have created more freedom and raised the hopes and expectations of millions, not only in this country, but throughout the world.

Relive higher education as it used to be, in a place where it still is.

Hillsdale Hostel lets you relive the experience of higher education as it used to be, in a place where it still is. It’s college life as you remember it: the sharing of insights, the give-and-take of lively discussion, the camaraderie of peers. It’s a fresh look at the enduring values of our society in the Hillsdale way, free of the trendy ideological clichés that dominate thinking on so many other campuses today. It’s a vacation unlike any you've had—the learning experience of a lifetime, to complement a lifetime of learning.

Enjoy good food, healthful recreation, and quality accommodations.

Hillsdale Hostel offers a week of exciting activities. You’ll share intense discussion sessions with Hillsdale faculty members and other program participants, delving deeply into the sources of American liberty. You can take advantage of unique opportunities for fun, recreation and fitness training in our magnificent health education and sports complex. Enjoy healthy, delicious, and attractively served meals, prepared by the staff of Hillsdale College’s award-winning food service operation. Sleep in air-conditioned comfort in the lovely Dow Leadership Center, Hillsdale’s self-contained, on-campus conference hotel, a facility that offers quality accommodations you wouldn’t expect to find on a college campus, just steps from the Hostel lecture rooms.


For additional information contact hostel@hillsdale.edu, or call toll free at 1-888-886-1174.