The Truth About Obamacare:
Does Government-Run Healthcare Work?

Sally C. Pipes President and CEO of Pacific Research Institute 

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With a historic vote, the 2,500 page "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" was signed into law March 23

How do we achieve universal coverage while at the same time reducing the cost of heath care?

Higher costs

Our new healthcare system

Democrats' passing of healthcare reform

Repeal and replace

The "Patient Protection and Affordability Act"

The Main Pillars of Obamacare

  • Achieving universal coverage and lower costs
  • Medicare and medicare advantage programs
  • Excise taxes on insurance, drug, and device cos
  • State-run insurance exchanges
  • Individual mandate necessitated by GI and CR
  • Employer mandate 
  • Small business
  • Public option
  • Health savings accounts