Dow Leadership Center


The Dow Leadership Center is located on the northwest corner of the Hillsdale College campus quad and is the center for four major business activities:

  1. Hotel and conference facility, a positive and uncommon business retreat environment.

  2. College services, providing the College 24-hour communication, hosting meetings, banquets, and guests for the campus community.

  3. Staff training for College administrative staff.

  4. Student Leadership Workshops for student leaders on campus. (Guest rooms are available to parents, alumni, and friends. Unless students' parents are registered for guest rooms, students must gain permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs before entering any guest room.)

The Rockwell Lake Lodge, a 16,000-square-foot lodge with ten guest suites, is located on the 685 acres of the G.H. Gordon Biological Station near Luther, Michigan.

For more information, or to book a reservation at the hotel, please visit the Dow Leadership Center Hotel & Conference Center website.