Past Seminars

Over 3,000 public, private, and homeschool teachers from 42 states have participated in the seminar series in American civics education. The CTE has conducted 66 seminars in thirteen states. Seminar topics include the following:

  • Teaching the Declaration of Independence: Are These Truths Self-Evident Today?
  • A More Perfect Union: Teaching the Constitution of the United States
  • Founding Father: George Washington and the American Founding
  • “All Possess Alike Liberty of Conscience”: The First Amendment, Religious Liberty, and the American Founding
  • Life, Liberty, and Property: Economics and the American Founding
  • Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and Secession: Understanding the Civil War
  • Natural Rights and Justice: Teaching the American Civil Rights Movement
  • The Cold War: Understanding America’s Clash with Communism
  • Will Free Markets Protect the Planet? Economics and the Environment
  • Life, Liberty, and Property: Globalization and the Commercial Republic
  • A Living Constitution? Progressives and the American Regime
  • Winston Churchill and the Virtues of Statesmanship
  • Free Markets and the Constitution