The Blue & White Way

Student Pledge

The following pledge is recited at Hillsdale College’s Freshman Convocation each August, in the presence of assembled faculty and parents.

Matriculation Ceremony Pledge



Founded in gratitude for the blessings of civil and religious liberty, Hillsdale College is a seat of higher learning.
Here, on these grounds, generations have given themselves to the pursuit of truth, the love of wisdom, and the grace of intelligent piety. Here, in these halls, generations have come to perpetuate the high calling of learning and the noble love of the good. In gratitude still, and in concert with these generations, together we pledge ourselves anew to this great purpose.



Hillsdale College, in its zeal for learning, its embrace of academic integrity and honorable conduct, commits to students all the talents, knowledge, and intelligence with which it is graced. Educating by precept and example, it is dedicated to the liberal education of students, in whom it trusts that learning will rise to wisdom, and that virtue will be blessed with strength.


We, the students of Hillsdale College, commit ourselves to diligent study and patient reflection. Having come to learn, we are proud to do so with integrity and will conduct ourselves with exemplary honor. As sacrifices past and present make possible our education, we too become stewards of this College for the generations yet to come. We pledge ourselves to the pursuit of truth, the love of the good, and the cultivation of beauty, for the sake of our minds and hearts and for an ennobled society. By so doing, we embrace the high calling of liberal education.



This pledge bespeaks our unity in a great purpose. Intellectual and moral wisdom, blessed by God, is the foundation of a good and humane life, and the necessary condition of enduring liberty. May God bless us now and always as we illuminate our minds, refine our passions, and seek the good. Parents, please turn to your sons and daughters, now officially Hillsdale College students, and give them your blessing.