Residence Hall Furnishings

Each double room has:

  • two single beds (box springs and mattresses)
  • mattress pads
  • two desks
  • two chairs
  • two desk lamps
  • draperies
  • two chests of drawers
  • one telephone jack
  • two Ethernet ports

Students should bring:

  • sheets (be aware that most of the beds are six inches longer than standard length; longer length bedding is advisable.)
  • pillows
  • pillowcases
  • blankets
  • towels
  • washcloths
  • bedspread
  • telephone (analog)
  • desired personal items

Students should not bring:

  • three-quarter or full-size refrigerators (only refrigerators less than 4 cubic feet in size are permitted)
  • couches
  • halogen lights
  • lava lamps
  • electric ovens or grills
  • portable heaters
  • toasters
  • microwave ovens
  • blenders
  • any item forbidden in the Hillsdale College Residence Regulations

Liability for Stolen or Damaged Items

Students’ possessions that are lost, stolen or damaged are not the responsibility of Hillsdale College. All students should be certain of their coverage under their parents’ home owners’ policy (or a comparable policy) before enrolling in Hillsdale College. Students are reminded not to bring expensive sound systems, televisions, video recorders, compact disc players or other electronic equipment. These items are easily damaged or may be stolen.

Appliances Available for Student Use

Each residence hall has at least one microwave and toaster available for common use. Washers and dryers are also available for student use in each residence.


Daily housekeeping services are provided in all residence halls by the College's housekeeping staff. All public areas, hallways and toilet bowls are cleaned daily. Rooms are swept, sinks and showers are cleaned two times weekly, or more if time allows. Personal items should be off the floor and cleared from sink. Specific requests can be made in writing and left on housekeeping door.