Social Guidelines

One of the goals of Hillsdale College, as stated in the College’s mission, is to provide social instruction that will “develop the minds and improve the hearts of the students.” Hillsdale College encourages responsible and moral behavior that is consistent with the College’s policies and mission and that is also in keeping with the laws of the State of Michigan.

Hillsdale College has confidence in its students’ desires to accept social responsibilities at all times, thereby being mindful of acting as ladies and gentlemen. Students living on- and off-campus are expected to honor the College’s Social Policy and the Michigan laws regarding alcohol.

Failure to uphold the Hillsdale College Honor Code and the policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines set forth by the College may result in disciplinary action ranging from a minimum of a warning to a maximum of expulsion. Many times, the severity of the consequence will be at a level between the minimum and maximum, and the deans reserve the right to issue fines, community service, counseling, social probation, etc., as deemed appropriate. In all cases, an incident report will be filed in the deans’ offices.

Summary of Michigan law regarding alcohol

It is illegal to purchase, consume, or possess alcoholic beverages unless one has attained the age of 21. It is illegal to furnish alcoholic beverages to or to provide false identification for a person. It is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to individuals who are visibly intoxicated. Additional information on Michigan laws regarding drug and alcohol use can be found on the Drug & Alcohol Education page.

Party Guidelines

  1. A party is any on- or off -campus social gathering which (1) is planned; (2) has a host, individual or collective; (3) is initiated by invitation, oral or written, or by advertising or by both; or (4) at which alcohol is consumed.

  2. The hours from Sunday 7:00 p.m. to Friday 3:00 p.m. are reserved for academics. Students are neither to host nor to attend parties at which alcohol is consumed during these hours.

  3. Exceptions for school-night parties may be granted for special circumstances. Application for such an exemption will be registered in the deans’ offices one week prior to the event.

  4. Student organizations, as acknowledged by the office of the vice president for Student Affairs and listed by the Student Federation as official Hillsdale College student organizations, also including fraternities and sororities, shall not serve or provide alcoholic beverages to any person at any social gathering which they host. Said organizations may choose to follow a BYOB policy or allow a third-party vendor to serve or provide alcoholic beverages at licensed off-campus businesses, with permission from the deans.

  5. No sale of alcoholic beverages will occur nor will any card or token be sold or provided allowing a student to be furnished with an alcoholic beverage.

  6. All common sources of alcohol such as kegs, punch bowls, Jell-O shots, etc. are banned at any party or other social gathering. Games that facilitate or encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol are prohibited.

  7. Any student organization wishing to host or sponsor Friday or Saturday parties on campus must be approved by noon Tuesday in advance of the event with the appropriate dean’s office. This registration will state the requirements under which parties are allowed and will identify at least two officers in the organization who will assume responsibility for the party. Each party must have a theme and be planned around a social activity, i.e. dancing, a philanthropic activity, athletic contest, etc. Approval could, of course, be revoked if a violation of the Social Policy occurs.

Party Monitors

  1. Party monitors, employed by the College Security Office, will be authorized to monitor on-campus events, but will do so in a reasonable manner. Violations noted by security will be reported immediately to individuals whose signatures appear on the party request. Those same violations will be reported to the dean of men and dean of women.

  2. Party monitors for on-campus Greek parties will work with the Greek chapter to ensure compliance with the additional regulations set forth in their national Greek policies and local chapter policies as established by each house and approved by the College.