Procedure for Student Discipline

The following Disciplinary Procedure is designed to preserve the Mission of Hillsdale College and the health and safety of its students. This policy outlines the basic structure of the Procedure for Student Discipline. If a unique issue should arise, the appropriate dean shall act at his/her discretion. The deans may seek input from the president of the College at any time. The president of the College may choose to effect any disciplinary decision, at his discretion, including immediate removal of any student in appropriate circumstances.

  1. Notification of Student Violation: The Dean of Men’s or Dean of Women’s Office receives a report about a student’s violation of school policy. Reports of student violations are generated by, but not limited to, resident assistants, house directors, security, public safety officials, and other staff and students. The dean will notify a student of the violation report and provides written details of the violation and its consequences. Secured copies of disciplinary documents are typically provided to appropriate college administrators.

  2. Consequences: The administration reserves the right both to define the severity of the violation and to choose the appropriate consequences. Typically, fines and community service hours are issued to students who violate school policies or local citations, but for more serious violations, students may be suspended or even expelled.

  3. Appeal Process: Each student subject to disciplinary action may formally appeal that action (after paying the fine) by obtaining an appeal form from the dean of men/dean of women and filing that form, which must present new evidence, with the appropriate dean. The deans, at their discretion, may require the student to file other materials in addition to or in place of the aforementioned appeal form. Upon receipt of an appeal, the appropriate dean will oversee a background investigation of the violation in question. The dean will notify the student of the administrative decision on the appeal.

    In instances of suspension or expulsion, the student may file an appeal with the administrative office that supervises the dean who made the initial disciplinary decision within five business days. Any reversed decisions will result in a refund of the originally paid fine.

  4. Social Probation: A student may be placed on social probation when his/her behavior demonstrates a significant break in commitment to the Honor Code; has been cited, arrested and/or convicted of violating a local, state or federal law, or has committed serious infractions of the Regulations for Proper Student Conduct and other College Regulations and Policies. Social Probation typically requires a student to remain free of violations for the remainder of the semester and possibly the following semester, to pay a fine, and to complete service hours. If a student violates the agreement of Social Probation, the student may be immediately suspended from school.

  5. Suspension and Expulsion: Suspension means the student will be removed as a student from Hillsdale College. The length of suspension depends upon the violation and discretion of the appropriate dean. Expulsion means the student will be removed permanently as a student from Hillsdale College and his/her matriculation is terminated. The College reserves the right to deny readmission for cause to any student.

  6. Parent Notification: Hillsdale College reserves the right to notify the parents of a student’s violation at the dean’s discretion.