Behavioral Consequences

Hillsdale College reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student who has matriculated to Hillsdale College who has been cited, arrested and/or convicted of violating local, state or federal law. Probation, suspension or expulsion may be applied.

Failure to uphold the Hillsdale College Honor Code and the policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines set forth by the College may result in disciplinary action ranging from a minimum of a warning to a maximum of expulsion. Many times, the severity of the consequence will be at a level between the minimum and maximum, and the deans reserve the right to issue fines, community service, counseling, social probation, etc., as deemed appropriate. In all cases, an incident report will be filed in the deans’ offices.

In order for a student to be approved for graduation and to receive a Hillsdale College degree, he/she must resolve any outstanding charges of misconduct and must have complied with the terms of any penalties imposed as a result of misconduct. This applies to summer school students as well. Hillsdale College does not guarantee the award of a degree. The awarding of a degree is conditioned upon compliance with College regulations as well as meeting the expectations of the faculty. Therefore, diplomas may be withheld until all outstanding questions are resolved. This applies as well to any student when requesting a transcript.