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Hillsdale College Admissions

Admissions Office
33 East College Street
Hillsdale, MI 49242

Phone: (517) 607-2327
Fax: (517) 607-2223



Support Staff

Every successful Office of Admissions has a team of support staff who provides outstanding service and ensures the smooth handling of information. You may not meet these staff members when you visit campus, but they provide an invaluable service to their institution. At Hillsdale, this service does not go unnoticed. We are grateful for the dedicated work of these individuals and want you to know who they are.

Margaret Braman
Admissions Visit Coordinator

Mrs. Braman works with prospective students and their families to arrange campus visits. She is meticulous about organizing overnight hosts; class schedules; meetings with faculty, directors and coaches; and scheduling your Admissions interview with an Admissions Counselor. In addition, she cheerfully answers the Admissions phone and greets guests when they arrive in the Admissions Office. Mrs. Braman has served the College since 2004.

Kathy Grubbs
Admissions Information Coordinator

Mrs. Grubbs has served the College since 1996. As Admissions Information Coordinator, she is responsible for managing the student information database to ensure the timely and accurate collection of demographic, academic and extra-curricular data. She also prepares admission applications for review by the Admissions Committee and coordinates subsequent communication with applicants. She works closely with the Director to provide application updates and reports.

Jennifer Bildner
Office Assistant

Since 2004, Mrs. Bildner has served the Office of Admissions as an Office Assistant. Her responsibilities include assisting the Admissions Counselors with their recruitment travel schedules, preparing travel reports, managing the High School information database and coordinating the communication of information regarding our high school study abroad programs. She works closely with the Director in preparing budget information for review and provides general assistance in daily office operations.

Teri Martin
Office Assistant

In the spring of 2008, Teri joined the Admissions Office as a part-time Office Assistant where she handles the important responsibility of entering prospective student information into our data management system and coordinates the flow of information to each prospect.