Experience the Hillsdale Difference

At Hillsdale College, we aim to help students develop into independent thinkers, and principled, successful leaders who will make the world a better place. The education and college community we have created in pursuit of this goal are distinct in the landscape of higher education.


The very life of Hillsdale College is driven by its mission. From it, we derive our identity as a trustee of the Western Heritage, as well as our commitment to the liberal arts, to the development of the minds and hearts of students, and to the principles of self-government. Click here to read more.

Traditional Liberal Arts

In our core curriculum, Hillsdale students are asked to grapple with the timeless truths and enduring questions of the Western Tradition. Here, we believe that the study of the past provides a valuable window into the future. Though the world we live in may change, what it means to be human does not. Our core curriculum helps students develop a foundation on which to build the rest of their lives, including their academic majors and future careers. Click here to read more about our core curriculum and to see a list of core courses.

Honor Code

All students who attend Hillsdale sign our Honor Code, pledging themselves to the practice of self-government both in and out of the classroom. A Hillsdale education is more than the study of what is Good, True, and Beautiful; it is in the practice of these things that our education comes to life. Click here to read the Honor Code.


Hillsdale College is nationally-known for its complete independence from taxpayer funding. Our commitment to independence safeguards our ability to pursue the Mission, and serves as an example of self-government in higher education. Click here to read about our history.

Student Experience

Students come from all across the country to participate in a Hillsdale education. They learn with our expert faculty, and develop as leaders and people through the relationships they form in the Hillsdale community. Click here to read more about their experiences.

Hillsdale at a Glance
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