Frequently Asked Questions

Incoming Students

  1. When will I learn which residence hall I am in and who will be my roommate?

    Residence hall and room assignments will be mailed to you by early August. If you would like to request to be roommates with a specific student, you and the other student must contact the appropriate Dean at (517) 437-7341.

  2. If I want to ship things to my residence hall, what address do I use and when may I send my things?

    You may ship boxes the week before you are to arrive on campus. All on-campus student mail sent through USPS is delivered to the Grewcock Student Union Mail Room. Each student has their own mail box that can be accessed with their residence hall front door key. Each box is organized by residence hall, room number and then alphabetically by roommates' last name. For example, if you live in room 123 and your last name is Hillsdale and your roommate’s last name is Charger, your box number will be 123B and your roommate's will be 123A. Any large packages will be kept in the package room by the mail boxes. A mail attendant will put a package slip in the appropriate individual’s box. Packages can be picked up during designated mail room hours. All student mail and packages sent through the USPS will be delivered to the Grewcock Student Union. All packages sent through UPS or FedEx will be sent directly to each residence hall. Address mail according to the following format: Student Name residence hall, room number, letter assigned according to last name residence hall street address city, state, zip.

  3. How can I find out my mailing address?

    When you get your residence hall and room assignment, you will also receive the address of your residence hall. All mail should be addressed to the residence hall address provided. Each student has an individual mail box in the Grewcock Student Union.

  4. Where do I register my car?

    When you take your Student ID photo during Orientation, you will have an opportunity to register your car. You will need to provide license plate information and your driver's license.

  5. When do I get my class schedule?

    Your class schedule can be accessed through the Web Advisor student information system. For billing purposes only, an interim, full-time schedule is created for you in early July. Your final schedule will be created in early August.

  6. What stores are closest to campus?

    Several groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, and downtown Hillsdale are within easy walking distance from campus. Neighboring Jonesville, MI, is less than 5 miles away, and offers more eateries and stores, including Walmart.

  7. What type of computer should I bring?

    Please refer to the Information Technology Services pages.

  8. What banks are available for students?

    The following banks are located in Hillsdale: County National Bank, Monarch Community Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Flagstar Bank, and Southern Michigan Bank and Trust. There are ATMs on campus and around town.

  9. When can I move in? Can I move in early?

    Students beginning classes in the fall term are permitted to enter the residence halls beginning the Sunday of Freshman Orientation. Students beginning classes in the winter term are permitted to enter the residence halls the Sunday before New Student Orientation. Those traveling great distances may be permitted to move in one day prior to official entry dates but must receive advance permission from the Offices of the Dean of Women (517-607-2333) or Dean of Men (517-607-2331) respectively. Orientation details are available through the Admissions Office (517-607-2327).

  10. If I have to move in early because of athletics or the Honors Program, how will I know what date to arrive?

    You will be notified during the summer. If you have any questions, please contact your respective coach or the Director of the Honors Program for details.

  11. Can I buy my textbooks in advance?

    Yes. When you receive your final class schedule (in August), visit the online bookstore to pre-order your books.

  12. When will I receive a bill for tuition, room, board, and fees?

    All billing is completed through Hillsdale’s Online Bill Payment system. Your first bill will be available to you in mid-July. Student accounts are updated weekly throughout the academic year so that billing information is current.