Honors Program

The Honors Program exists to encourage serious learning that is both broad and enduring. Knowledge cannot be parceled into discrete categories. No question is ever simply a political, economic, religious, moral, business, atheistic, or scientific question; all questions embrace all of these categories. All of our efforts, then, are directed towards recruiting and encouraging students who eagerly desire to understand how all knowledge is inter-related and inter-dependent. In short, we're trying to cultivate a love of learning, and all our activities are ultimately directed toward that end. We do this by supporting gifted students in becoming broadly and deeply versed to the full measure of their capacity in the contents and methods of inquiry of the liberal arts, especially as conveyed by the great thinkers of the Western tradition. The interdisciplinary nature of the Program encourages students to explore the common threads which link fields of intellectual inquiry.

For further information about the Honors Program, contact Professor Richard Gamble at rgamble@hillsdale.edu.