Within a sound liberal arts curriculum, Hillsdale College has included basic courses preparing students for graduate study or entrance into professional schools. The student planning such specialized study should consult the advisor in his particular field of interest for an outline of required subjects and should also consult the catalog of the institution at which he intends to continue his studies. Though requirements are fairly uniform within a given field, they do vary somewhat among professional and graduate schools.

Suggested freshman and sophomore curriculum for pre-forestry:

Freshman Year:

  • biology (Biological Science and either Evolution and Ecology or Molecular Genetics and Cellular Function), eight hours;
  • mathematics, eight hours;
  • Freshman Rhetoric and the Great Books, six hours;
  • social science electives, six hours;
  • history (The Western Heritage to 1600 and The American Heritage), six hours;
  • other electives, three hours;
  • physical education, two hours.

Sophomore Year:

  • biology (Plant Anatomy, Plant Morphology, Advanced Ecology), 12 hours;
  • chemistry, eight hours;
  • college physics, ten hours;
  • humanities, six hours.