Christian Studies


The interdisciplinary Christian Studies program at Hillsdale College strives to integrate the College’s strong liberal arts curriculum from the perspective of a Christian understanding of God, man, society and the world. Building upon a core of courses in Bible and theology, students take a variety of electives in English literature, history, political science, psychology, sociology and philosophy. As in all liberal arts majors, the Christian Studies major aims at developing students’ potential for rigorous and intense analysis, rational and cogent argumentation, lucid and graceful expression, coherent and compelling communication, broad and integrative synthesis, and refined and intelligent aesthetic sensibilities. Its uniqueness lies in its stress on a thorough and appreciative knowledge of the biblical and theological elements woven into the culture and imagination of Western civilization and in its attempt to interpret man and society from the perspective of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

At Hillsdale, any qualified student may opt for an interdepartmental field of concentration consisting of 36 semester hours of credit with no fewer than 24 hours in courses carrying 300 numbers or above. Once the student selects an interdisciplinary field of concentration, with the exceptions of international business and political economy, it must be approved by the chairmen of the departments in which the work is to be done and by the Educational Policies Committee. The student must also select an advisor in consultation with the chairmen of the departments involved in the field of concentration.