Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Fellowship

The Eugene C. Pulliam Journalism Program provides fellowships for accomplished journalists to teach a course on journalism and consult with the staff of the student newspaper while in residence on the Hillsdale campus. Pulliam Fellowships are awarded based on journalistic excellence and in keeping with the principles of the College mission.

Spring 2014
Jonah Goldberg, National Review

Fall 2013
Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal

Spring 2013
Mark Steyn, Columnist

Fall 2012
Tim Carney, Washington Examiner

Spring 2012
Mark Steyn, Columnist

Fall 2011
Andrew Ferguson, Weekly Standard

Spring 2011
Mark Steyn, Columnist

Fall 2010
P.J. O’Rourke, Author

Spring 2010
Mark Steyn, Columnist

Fall 2009
Richard Brookhiser, National Review

Spring 2009
Mark Steyn, Columnist

Fall 2008
William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

Spring 2008
Mark Steyn, Columnist

Fall 2007
Naomi Schaefer Riley, Wall Street Journal

Spring 2007
Nolan Finley, Detroit News

Fall 2006
Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard