Seville, Spain

Hillsdale College, in cooperation with the Center for Cross-Cultural Study, offers qualified students the opportunity to study in Seville, Spain.

Courses offered

The core of this program is a choice of special courses in Spanish language and culture. These include literature, history, art history, social structures, economics, education, politics and Spanish dance. The core offers classes in teaching foreign language skills, particularly Spanish, and also teaching English to Spanish speakers.

Students can make up their entire program from the above courses. Or, if qualified by Spanish language proficiency and preparation in the specific area of study, they may also attend appropriate courses at the University of Seville, with support from faculty tutors at the Center for Cross-Cultural Study. While in Seville, student lodging is with families or in small student residences throughout the city.

Internship Opportunity

An internship is available to students pursuing a major in International Studies in Business and Foreign Language. This involves carrying out substantial responsibilities in a work situation, usually about 20 hours a week, in a Spanish environment. It is highly recommended that students consider undertaking the internship after spending their first semester in Spain.

Requirements and Tuition

Admission to the semester or academic-year program is normally restricted to students who have completed two years of Spanish at the college level. A grade-point average of “B” (3.000) or above is required, but exceptions may be made because of strong recommendations from professors or deans. Students interested in this program must apply directly to the Modern Languages Department for admission. Tuition is the same as for a semester or academic year on campus.