Humanities Seminars

All doctoral students are required to take six hours of Doctoral Humanities Seminar. These are year-long, 2-credit courses that address the broad themes of the humanities and draw upon the breadth of the Western tradition.

The purpose of these seminars is to emphasize to students the place of the study of politics within the humanities and liberal arts as a whole, and to help prepare them for teaching positions which will often be found at liberal arts institutions. The texts studied will be drawn from the great books of the Western canon. The seminar will meet 4 times per semester, 9 times per academic year, and each session will be guided by a different Hillsdale College faculty member.

Disciplines to be drawn from will most likely include, but are not limited to: Classics, English, History, Philosophy, and Politics. Sessions will normally be scheduled for 3 hours in the evening, and will consist of a faculty lecture followed by questions and discussions with the doctoral students led by the faculty member. Students will write a paper for each year of the seminar, based upon a particular session from that year, under the direction of the faculty member who conducted the session. Session themes and faculty will be organized by the Graduate Dean.