Physics Educational Outreach Programs

Summer Science Camps - Physics

The annual summer science camps program is primarily intended for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in learning more about modern science. Students do not have to be science majors to attend, but those who have taken several science courses will gain the most from this program. Students will be primarily selected from the local Michigan and surrounding tri-state area, but students nationwide are also encouraged to apply.

The science camps seek to promote scientific literacy among high school students. These camps are designed to instill a deeper appreciation of what science is all about, the idea that science can be challenging as well as fun, and that science is both exciting and practical. Having attended a camp, students will come away with the view that today’s science is an interdisciplinary and cooperative endeavor. In sponsoring these camps, Hillsdale College hopes that many students will want to pursue careers in science and choose to major in one of these fields in college. 

The physical sciences lay the foundation for the life sciences as well as help prepare students for careers in physics, chemistry and engineering. In addition, physics and chemistry are important in understanding polymers and in the growing areas of biophysics and biochemistry. This intensive weeklong camp will emphasize a hands-on laboratory experience as well. Students attending this camp will explore the following topics: chemical dyes, chromatography, spectroscopy, polymers, holography, superconductivity, X-ray diffraction and thermodynamics. The students will also take home some of the laboratory projects done in this camp. 

Science by Inquiry Workshop

The Science by Inquiry Workshop is a high quality, research-based professional development program in physical science. Features of the program include: 

  • No tuition or fees
  • A large number of SB-CEUs
  • 3-6 graduate credits offered
  • Free classroom equipment
  • No previous background in physics required
  • Aid in adopting Science Academic Content Standards