Physics Department


Physics at Hillsdale College is a rigorous program designed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers in all areas of science and engineering. Students study everything from the basic laws of nature to the behavior of subatomic particles; they also develop important problem-solving and analytical abilities along with essential qualitative and quantitative skills. Since the knowledge and skills obtained from the study of physics are a fundamental part of a liberal arts education, students of all majors participate in physics classes.

While a large number of students take physics, only a very small group of students major in it each year. This creates a program rich in hands-on experimentation and personal attention. Ask any physics major and the first thing you are likely to hear is that the teachers are exceptionally passionate and involved. Each physics major must complete a senior thesis involving original research. Research is frequently done one-on-one with a chosen advisor, which allows students to tailor their research to their specific interests without sacrificing any access to equipment or resources.

Since physics is both an experimental and a mathematical science, physics courses also provide a rich source of examples and valuable techniques for those interested in mathematics.