The History Department

Major & Minor

A concentration in history includes History 104, “The Western Heritage to 1600,” History 105, “The American Heritage,” and 27 additional hours of coursework. The student electing to major in history must complete not fewer than nine hours in Western Civilization courses, of which at least three hours must be taken from each of the two Western Civilization categories, “Ancient and Medieval History” and “Early Modern and Modern Europe.” The third Western Civilization course may be History 206. The student must complete not fewer than six hours in American History, of which at least three hours must be taken from each of the two American History categories, “Early American History” and “Modern American History.” The remaining 12 required hours may be elected from any History Department offerings.

Western Civilization
At least nine credit-hours total, three credit-hours from each category

  • Ancient and Medieval History
    • History 310: The Ancient Worlds
    • History 311: Early Middle Ages
    • History 312: High and Late Middle Ages
    • History 400: The Mediterranean World of Late Antiquity
    • History 401: Ancient Greece
    • History 402: Ancient Rome
    • History 406: Medieval England
  • Early Modern & Modern Europe
    • History 314: Europe, 1618-1798
    • History 315: Nineteenth-Century Europe
    • History 316: Europe in the 20th Century
    • History 407: Renaissance
    • History 416: History of England After 1485
    • History 452: The Reformation

American History
At least six credit-hours total, three credit-hours from each section

  • Early American History
    • History 300: Colonial America to 1763
    • History 301: The Founding of the American Republic
    • History 302: Jacksonian America
    • History 483: Constitutional History of the United States to 1865
  • Modern American
    • History 303: Sectionalism and the American Civil War
    • History 307: Reconstruction to World War II
    • History 308: U.S. and the World Since World War II
    • History 484: Constitutional History of the United States Since 1865

Exceptionally competent students may seek to graduate with departmental honors in history by completing History 575, an independent three-hour research project under the supervision of a faculty committee. Admission to this course is at the discretion of the history faculty. The three credits required for History 575 may not be included in the 27 hours required for the field of concentration. Senior history majors must also complete a comprehensive history examination covering coursework completed while at Hillsdale and achieve an acceptable score as determined by the history faculty.

A minor in history consists of 18 hours beyond the College core, with at least one course selected from each of the four core categories.

The Department generally does not accept transfer credit for core classes. Exceptions may be granted by the chairman for work in such courses already completed at another accredited institution. Credit toward the major in history is not granted for hours earned by Advanced Placement (AP) work. Finally, credit earned in the Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program (WHIP) no longer counts toward a major in history.