Overview & Features

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hillsdale College Department of Art is to accomplish the following:

  1. To instill in students an understanding and appreciation of the greatest traditions in the visual arts and how they contribute to a richer understanding of life
  2. To build on the honored examples of representational art as found in the established traditions of western European and American art through the avenues of courses in art history and studio practice, as well as through the exhibits and lecture series sponsored by the department
  3. To provide training in design guided by belief that good design reflects order in the construction of the world
  4. To foster respect for craftsmanship in the traditional media of painting, sculpture and drawing, as well as technology-based media of photography and computer graphics
  5. To promote a belief through art that the world makes sense and is beautiful—that artists have a vital role to play in making this truth known
  6. To promote a belief that beauty is a relevant and vital term for the artist today—that the pursuit of it requires knowledge, skill and character and is therefore an elevating and enriching experience.