Academics at Hillsdale

A liberal education at Hillsdale College entails the study of things inherently worthwhile–things good, true, and beautiful. As stated in the College Honor Code, this study “develops the minds and improves the hearts” of students, through which they rise to the challenge of self-government in a free republic. Students refine their intelligence, furnish their understanding, and acquire the abilities and wisdom necessary to lead full, humane lives. In so doing, students, like the College itself, become trustees of “modern man’s intellectual and spiritual inheritance from the Judeo-Christian faith and Greco-Roman culture.”

Liberal education begins with the “core curriculum,” where students are conducted systematically through stages of intellectual growth and acquirement in a variety of disciplines, each worthy of study for its own sake. It does not end there, however, as this learning continues in and extends through the academic majors students pursue after the core curriculum.

Hillsdale College does not offer online degrees.